We take pride in our business  and strive to provide a high standard of workmanship in our facility.

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Pro Quality Machining & Fabrication was established in 2005.

With a strong desire to expand our business. We specialize in precision machining and industrial fabrication. We offer a unique blend of engineering fabrication, Machining and Assembly Capabilities. Contact us to learn more about our industry.

We supply fabrications through-out Ontario to all sectors of the engineering and process industries including constructions, metallizing, restoration of building and window washing equipment.

We take pride in our business and strive to provide a high standard of workmanship. Our product range from Aluminum weldment, Carts, Stainless Steel counter top, Stainless Steel water tank, heat exchange copper shield, Table, Railing, & Stairs, nylon rollers and components, and Stainless Steel Nozzel.



Featured Products

• Aluminum Welding

• Machining 

• Fabrication

• Weldments


Computer programmable

• Shear

• Brake Press

• Plasma Cutting Machine



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